Lux Chocolat's mission is to create bonbons and confections that are as delectable as they are beautiful. Quality ingredients with balanced flavors are our number one priority.

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Our ganaches are made with whole fresh cream and butter infused with natural, fresh and dried ingredients. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used.


We use time honored techniques to craft each chocolate by hand in small batches in order to put our heart and soul into each and every bite.

We use only Valrhona Grand Cru Couverture in our process. It is our sincere belief that Valrhona creates the finest tasting chocolate that can be had while maintaining fair trade practices, ethical farming techniques, and promoting environmental sustainability.


Lux Chocolat is committed to promoting the local arts in Memphis Tennessee and building strong community relationships. It is our foremost desire to bring affordable Luxury Chocolate to the mid-south area and beyond.